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Feb 5th, 2024 |

by Dir. Rick     |

NEW Vax ,Shedding and Long Haul "C.O.V.I.D." Damage REVERSAL PROGRAM NOW AVAILABLE!

Dear Friends,

The last three years have been an incredible journey for all of us.
I was almost killed by the effects of VAX shedding. By the grace of our Lord I was able to develop a program after 18 months of research and testing that REVERSED all damage in 21 days.
My program has now been successfully used on many other with 100% success.
If you, a friend or a loved one is suffering please contact us for details.
This program can be done at HOME or at any of our facilities. It is SAFE, non toxic and EFFECTIVE.
I am now recommending MASTER PEACE to remove graphene nano tech, PEG, Glyphosphate and other chemical and metal toxins quickly and safely.

Please order through my link  https://masterpeacebyhcs.com/my-account/?ref=6594

Please watch this very informative interview with Dr. Robert Young and inventor Matt Hazen to learn more about this breakthrough product. https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2024/02/sgt-report-its-in-all-of-us-this-is-how-to-get-it-out-dr-robert-young-matt-hazen-video-3807579.html

God Bless,



Some of you may remember that I was one of the first practitioners to use the amazing Electro-Magnetic technologies developed by the late Dr. Robert C. Beck.
We had hundreds of success stories starting back in the mid nineties with everything from AIDS to Cancer. I have a couple of testimonial videos below from former patients. We are NOW offering custom made blood electrification units built to Dr. Beck's original 4 HZ specs.
$149 plus $9.50 for 10-14 day Standard International Shipping  
Or $28.50 for FEDEX expedited shipping.

*Best to order 2-3 extra wellness probes when ordering 
Electro Pulser

Extra Wellness Probes

$5 per set


This product has NOT been reviewed for safety or efficacy by the FDA, Health Canada or
other regulatory agency. Use at your own risk.

Understanding The Somatid Cycle and The Process Of Cancer